Pereine Press

  1. Beside the Sea, Véronique Olmi
  2. Stone in a Landslide, Maria Barbal
  3. Portrait of the Mother as a Young Woman, Friedrich Christian Delius
  4. Next World Novella, Matthias Politycki
  5. Tomorrow Pamplona, Jan van Mersbergen
  6. Maybe This Time, Alois Hotschnig
  7. The Brothers, Asko Sahlberg
  8. The Murder of Halland, Pia Juul
  9. Sea of Ink, Richard Weihe
  10. The Mussel Feast, Birgit Vanderbeke
  11. Mr Darwin’s Gardener, Kristina Carlson
  12. Chasing the King of Hearts, Hanna Krall
  13. The Dead Lake, Hamid Ismailov
  14. The Blue Room, Hanne Ørstavik
  15. Under The Tripoli Sky, Kamal Ben Hameda
  16. White Hunger, Aki Ollikainen
  17. Reader for Hire, Raymond Jean
  18. The Looking-Glass Sisters, Gøhril Gabrielsen