The Tale of Genji, by Murasaki Shikibu

Murasaki ShikibuClick on the link below to read my review:

About the book

  • Written in the early years of the 11th century
  • Penguin Classics, 2003, 1182 p., tr. Royall Tyler, Goodreads;
  • I am reading this book in weekly installments, as a readalong, for Japanese Literature Challenge;
  • The Tale of Genji made into a movie several times: first in 1951 by director Kōzaburō Yoshimura (IMDb), in 1966 by director Kon Ichikawa (IMDb), and an anime film in 1987 by director Gisaburo Sugii (IMDb).
  • Translated by (I) Arthur Waley (Tuttle Publishing, 2010, 1155 p.); (II) Edward G. Seidensticker (Alfred A. Knopf, 1993, 1224 p.); (III) Royall Tyler (Penguin Classics, 2002, 1216 p.); (IV) Dennis Washburn’s (W. W. Norton & Company, 2015, 1360 p.);

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