The Door, by Magda Szabo

magda szaboClick on the link below to read my review:

  • The Door, by Magda Szabo, tr. Len Rix, 2005 (Az ajtó, 1987)

About the book:

  • NYRB Classics, 2015, tr. Len Rix, 288 p.Goodreads
  • Harvill Press, 2005, tr. Len Rix, 272 p.Goodreads
  • Vintage, 2006, tr. Len Rix, 262 p. Goodreads
  • Original Title – Az ajtó
  • Originally published in Hungary in 1987, and translated into English in 1995 by Stefan Draughon for American publication, and again in 2005 by Len Rix for British publication.
  • My rating: 5 stars
  • Rix’s translation won the 2006 Oxford-Weidenfeld Translation Prize
  • The book’s French translation, by Chantal Philippe, also won the Prix Femina for Étranger (2003)
  • The novel was adapted into film (The Door, Imdb), directed by  István Szabó, and released in March 2012.

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