The Diary of Lady Murasaki, by Murasaki Shikibu (1008-1010)


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About the book

  • Penguin Classics, 2005, tr. Richard Bowring, 144 p.
  • Original title: 紫式部日記 –Murasaki Shikibu Nikki
  • Publication date: 1008-1010
  • Goodreads
  • My rating: 4 stars

“It is so rare to find someone of true understanding; for the most part they judge purely by their own standards and ignore everyone else. So all they see of me is a façade. There are times when I am forced to sit with them and on such occasions I simply ignore their petty criticisms, not because I am particularly shy but because I consider it pointless. As a result, they now look down upon me as a dullard.”

― Murasaki Shikibu, The Diary of Lady Murasaki

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