Symphony in White, by Adriana Lisboa (2001)


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About the book

  • Texas Tech University Press, 2010, transl. Sarah Green, 208 p.
  • Original title: Sinfonia em branco
  • First published in 2001
  • Goodreads
  • My rating: 4 stars

“Thomas remembered her. The love. Where could it be?

Love was like a pale mark left by a picture that was removed after years living on the same wall. Love produced a vague interval in his spirit, in the transparency of his eyes, in the aged painting of his existence. One day, love yelled inside him and inflamed his gut. Not anymore. Even the memory was uncertain, fragmented, pieces of the skeleton of a prehistoric monster buried and preserved by chance, impossible to reconstruct into a whole. Thirty years later. Two hundred million years later”

– Adriana Lisboa, Symphony in White

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