Family Lexicon, by Natalia Ginzburg (2017)

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  • Family Lexicon, by Natalia Ginzburg, tr. Jenny McPhee (2017. Original: Lessico famigliare, 1963)

About the book:

  • NYRB Classics, 2017, tr. Jenny McPhee, 224 p. Goodreads
  • Daunt Books, 2018, tr. Jenny McPhee, 224 p. Goodreads
  • Original title: Lessico famigliare
  • First published in 1963
  • The book was previously translated as Family sayings, tr. D.M.Low (1963. Original: Lessico famigliare, 1963); and The Things We Used to Say, tr. Judith Woolf (1977)
  • The book won the Strega Prize in 1963
  • Natalia Ginzburg begins A Family Lexicon with a disclaimer: “The places, events and people are all real. I have invented nothing. Every time that I have found myself inventing something in accordance with my old habits as a novelist, I have felt impelled at once to destroy everything thus invented.”
  • My rating: 4,5 stars
  • I read this book for the European Reading Challenge

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