Childhood, by Tove Ditlevsen (1967)

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  • Childhood, by Tove Ditlevsen (2019, tr. Tiina Nunnally. Original: Barndom, 1967)

About the book

  • Penguin Classics, 2019, tr. Tiina Nunnally, 99 p. Goodreads
  • First volume in “The Copenhagen Trilogy”
  • Original: Barndom, 1967
  • Nunnally’s translation of Childhood was originally published in English by the feminist publisher Seal Press, together with the second volume Youth, under the title Early Spring (1985).
  • My rating: 5 stars
  • Projects: European Reading Challenge, hosted by Gilion; my Winter TBR.

One thought on “Childhood, by Tove Ditlevsen (1967)

  1. I recently read and reviewed Childhood, and I just loved it. Ditlevsen’s prose is sharp and beautiful. Her books have only deepened since reading them; her words are truly haunting. I have also never read auto-fiction before, and it is such a great genre. It feels less constrained than memoirs. Are you interested in reading Ditlevsen’s prose? I am curious to read her books.


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