Menagerie of Authors

May Sinclair - May Sinclair (pen name of Mary Amelia St. Clair; August 24th, 1863 – November 14th, 1946) was an English writer. When Sinclair was seven years old, her… Read more "May Sinclair"
Marghanita Laski - Marghanita Laski (October 24th, 1915 – February 6th, 1988) was an English writer. Born to a family of Jewish intellectuals, Laski attended a school for girls in… Read more "Marghanita Laski"
Rosemary Manning - Rosemary Manning (Rosemary Joy Manning , 9 December 1911 – 5 April 1988; pen names Sarah Davys and Mary Voyle) was an English author. Manning attended the… Read more "Rosemary Manning"
Karolina Pavlova - Karolina Pavlova (Karolina Karlovna Pavlova – Кароли́на Ка́рловна Па́влова; born Karolina Karlovna Jaenisch, 22 July 1807 – 14 December 1893) was a Russian author. Born to a… Read more "Karolina Pavlova"
Yan Ge - Yan Ge (pen name of Dai Yuexing, 1984) is a Chinese author. She grew up in a small town in Sichuan, and earned a PhD in comparative… Read more "Yan Ge"