Menagerie of Authors

Marita Bonner - Marita Bonner (née Marita Odette Bonner; married name Marita Odette Bonner Occomy. June 16, 1899 – December 7, 1971) was an African-American writer. She attended Brookline High School in… Read more "Marita Bonner"
Sara Gallardo - Sara Gallardo (Sara Gallardo Drago Miter; December 23, 1931 – June 14, 1988) was an Argentine author. Born to a wealthy family of landowners, politicians and intellectuals,… Read more "Sara Gallardo"
Fumiko Hayashi - Fumiko Hayashi (林芙 美 子; December 31, 1903, some sources say 1904 – June 28, 1951) was a Japanese writer. Born out of wedlock to a family… Read more "Fumiko Hayashi"
Violette Leduc - Violette Leduc (7 April 1907 – 28 May 1972) was a French author. Born out of wedlock to the son of a wealthy family for whom her… Read more "Violette Leduc"
Mary de Morgan - Mary de Morgan (Mary Auguste De Morgan, 24 February 1850 – 18 May 1907) was an English writer. She was born to a family of intellectuals: her… Read more "Mary de Morgan"