Menagerie of Authors

Edith Olivier - Edith Olivier (Edith Maud Olivier. December 31st, 1872 – May 10th, 1948) was an English writer. Olivier was educated at home by her mother, and later by… Read more "Edith Olivier"
Alice Brown - Alice Brown (December 5th, 1856 – June 21st, 1948) was an American author. Born on a farm in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire, Brown was educated at home… Read more "Alice Brown"
Josephine Daskam Bacon - Josephine Daskam Bacon (Josephine Dodge Daskam, also known as Mrs. Selden Bacon. February 17th, 1876 – July 29th, 1961) was an American author. Little is known about… Read more "Josephine Daskam Bacon"
Gertrude Atherton - Gertrude Atherton (Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton, October 30th, 1857 – June 14th, 1948) was an American author. Her parents separated when she was two, and Atherton was… Read more "Gertrude Atherton"
Mary Cholmondeley - Mary Cholmondeley (June 8th, 1859 – July 15th, 1925) was an English writer. The third of eight children and the eldest daughter of a clergyman, Cholmondeley was… Read more "Mary Cholmondeley"