The Booktube Spin #5

Hi, folks!

It’s time for another Booktube Spin, hosted by Rick! Inspired by our beloved Classics Club Spin, the idea is to list 20 books (they don’t have to be classics), and Rick will spin a wheel and a choose a number on January 14th. Then, we have until March 31st to read the spin book and post about it. For more details, go to Rick’s channel: 

Simon also published his list here, check it out!

Here is my list:

  1. Youth + Dependency (The Copenhagen Trilogy 2 & 3), by Tove Ditlevsen (2019, tr. Tiina Nunnally and Michael Favala Goldman. Original: Ungdom, 1967 & Gift, 1971)
  2. Alberta and Jacob (The Alberta Trilogy 1), by Cora Sandel (1984, tr. Elizabeth Rokkan. Original: Alberte og Jacob, 1926)
  3. The Rainbow, by D.H. Lawrence (1915)
  4. Ice, by Anna Kavan (1967)
  5. A Ghost in the Throat, by Doireann Ní Ghríofa (2020)
  6. Rest and Be Thankful, by Emma Glass (2020)
  7. Checkout 19, by Claire-Louise Bennett (2021)
  8. L.E.L.: The Lost Life and Scandalous Death of Letitia Elizabeth Landon, the Celebrated Female Byron, by Lucasta Miller (2019)
  9. The Alexandria Quartet, by Lawrence Durrell (Justine, 1957; Balthazar, 1958; Mountolive, 1958; Clea, 1960)
  10. Medieval Women: A Social History of Women in England 450-1500, by Henrietta Leyser (1995) 11)
  11. The Dead Ladies Project: Exiles, Expats, and Ex-Countries, by Jessa Crispin (2015)
  12. Close Up: Berthe Morisot, Mary Cassatt, Paula Modersohn-Becker, Lotte Laserstein, Frida Kahlo, Alice Neel, Marlene Dumas, Cindy Sherman, Elizabeth Peyton, ed. Theodora Vischer (Riehen/Basel Fondation Beyeler, Exhibition 2021-2022) + Seeing Ourselves: Women’s Self-Portraits, by Frances Borzello (1998)
  13. Denktagebuch: 1950 – 1973, by Hannah Arendt, ed. Ursula Ludz and Ingeborg Nordmann (2020)
  14. The Sundial, by Shirley Jackson (1958)
  15. Der Wendepunkt, by Klaus Mann (1942)
  16. Poetic Justice: The Literary Imagination and Public Life, by Martha C. Nussbaum (1996)
  17. Fables of Identity: Studies in Poetic Mythology, by Northrop Frye (1963)
  18. Reborn: Journals and Notebooks, 1947-1963, by Susan Sontag, ed. David Rieff (2008)
  19. The Life of the Mind, by Hannah Arendt, ed. Mary McCarthy (1981)
  20. The Letters of Vita Sackville-West and Virginia Woolf, ed. Louise DeSalvo and Mitchell Alexander Leaska (1985) + Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackville-West: Love Letters, edited by ? (2021)

Spin me a number, Booktube! Which book would you like to see win?

Yours truly,


Georges Croegaert – Reading, 1890


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8 thoughts on “The Booktube Spin #5

  1. Thanks for sharing! I was not planning to do a challenge or anything remotely stressful vis a vis reading this year, but I have been curious about doing you tube book review and I think this is a good way to give it a shot! I will see what I can dig up!

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