Books on My Winter 2021-2022 TBR 

Hi, folks,

As always, I am participating in several reading events this Winter, but here are the books I will definitely finish (or try to):

  1. An I-Novel by Minae Mizumura (2021, tr. Juliet Winters Carpenter. Original: 私小説, 1995) – Japanese Literature Challenge
  2. The Tale of Genji, by Murasaki Shikibo (2003, tr. Royall Tyler. Original: 源氏物語 – Genji monogatari, 11th century) – Japanese Literature Challenge
  3. Youth, by Tove Ditlevsen (2019, tr. Tiina Nunnally. Original: Ungdom, 1967) – #NordicFINDS
  4. Alberta and Jacob, by Cora Sandel (1984, tr. Elizabeth Rokkan. Original: Alberte og Jacob, 1926) – #NordicFINDS
  5. The Last and the First, by Nina Berberova (2021, tr. Marian Schwartz. Original: Последние и первые, 1930) – #Siberianary
  6. Justine (Alexandria Quartet #1), by Lawrence Durrell (1957) – #Durrell22
  7. The Letters of Shirley Jackson, ed. Laurence Jackson Hyman (2021) – A letter a day
  8. Patricia Highsmith: Her Diaries and Notebooks, ed. Anna von Planta (2021)
  9. Winter Love, by Han Suyin (1962)
  10. Eline Vere, by Louis Couperus (2010, tr. Ina Rilke. Original: Eline Vere, 1889)
  11. The Juniper Tree, by Barbara Comyns (1985)
  12. The Sundial, by Shirley Jackson (1958)
  13. The Comforters, by Muriel Spark (1957)
  14. The Rainbow, by D. H. Lawrence (1915)
  15. A Wreath of Roses, by Elizabeth Taylor (1949)

Have you read any of the books I chose for Winter? And which are the books on your TBR this season?

Yours truly,


Mary Magdalene Reading Ambrosius Benson
Mary Magdalene Reading – Ambrosius Benson, c. 1530 – 1540

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