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Hi, folks!

By now, we all know I love lit podcasts and reading lists – so, I am going to combine these two loves of mine & turn some of my favourite shows into reading projects.

I decided to begin with a relatively new podcast (so as to make the list less daunting): Lost Ladies of Lit is hosted by Amy Helmes and Kim Askew, and features scholars, journalists, and writers discussing lost classics by women writers. What’s not to love?!

This will be a long-term reading project, where I intend to read my way through all the books discussed in their episodes. I will update this post as I go along. You will be able to find a link to this post on my projects page.


  • Read books are marked as (✓)
  • Favourites are marked as (✨)
  • DNFed books are crossed off
  • Books I own are in bold
  • Books marked as (*) were not strictly discussed/ mentioned in the podcast, but deal with some of its topics
  • My reviews, when available, will be linked below


The List

  1. ✨ Mariana, by Monica Dickens (1940)
  2. ✨ Diary of a Provincial Lady, by E. M. Delafield (1930)
  3. The Bridge of Beyond, by Simone Schwarz-Bart (1972)
  4. ✓✨The Semi-Detached House, by Emily Eden (1859)
  5. The Semi-Attached Couple, by Emily Eden (1860)
  6. The Home-Maker, by Dorothy Canfield Fisher (1924)
  7. Anne, by Constance Fenimore Woolson (1880)
  8. * Constance Fenimore Woolson: Portrait of a Lady Novelist, by Anne Boyd Rioux (2016)
  9. The Janitor’s Boy and Other Poems, by Nathalia Crane (1924)
  10. The Birds’ Christmas Carol, by Kate Douglas Wiggin (1886)
  11. Mrs. Spring Fragrance, by Sui Sin Far (pen name of Edith Maude Eaton, 1912)
  12. Nightingale Wood by Stella Gibbons (1938)
  13. Harriet the Spy, by Louise Fitzhugh (1964)
  14. * Sometimes You Have to Lie: The Life and Times of Louise Fitzhugh, Renegade Author of Harriet the Spy, by Leslie Brody (2020)
  15. * Art is a Tyrant: The Unconventional Life of Rosa Bonheur, by Catherine Hewitt (2020)
  16. Live Alone and Like It, by Marjorie Hillis (1936)
  17. * The Extra Woman: How Marjorie Hillis Led a Generation of Women to Live Alone and Like It by Joanna Scutts (2017)
  18. The Green Parrot, by Marthe Bibesco (1924)
  19. Molly Bawn, by Margaret Wolfe Hungerford (1878)
  20. * Charmian Kittredge London: Trailblazer, Author, Adventurer, by Iris Jamahl Dunkle (2020)
  21. * Log of the Snark by Charmian London (1915)
  22. A House in the Country, by Jocelyn Playfair (1944)
  23. * A Stricken Field, by Martha Gellhorn (1940)
  24. * Liana by Martha Gellhorn (1944)
  25. Reuben Sachs, by Amy Levy (1888)
  26. The I Hate to Cook Book, by Peg Bracken (1960)
  27. * Anna Komnene: the life and work of a medieval historian, by Leonora Neville (2016)
  28. * Anna Comnena: A Study, by Georgina Buckler (1929)
  29. * The Alexiad, by Anna Komnene, ed. Peter Frankopan (2009)
  30. The Betsy-Tacy High School Books (Heaven To Betsy, Betsy in Spite of Herself, Betsy Was a Junior), by Maud Hart Lovelace (1906-1910)
  31. * An Island Garden, by Celia Laighton Thaxter (1894)
  32. * Poems, by Celia Laighton Thaxter (1872)
  33. ✨ The Morgesons, by Elizabeth Drew Stoddard (1862)
  34. * Too Much: How Victorian Constraints Still Bind Women Today by Rachel Vorona Cote (2020)
  35. The Pursuit of Love, by Nancy Mitford (1945)
  36. Love In a Cold Climate, by Nancy Mitford (1949)
  37. * The Only Wonderful Things: The Creative Partnership of Willa Cather and Edith Lewis, by Melissa J. Homestead (2021)
  38. * Willa Cather Living: A Personal Record, by Edith Lewis (1953)
  39. * From Hester Street to Hollywood: The Life and Work of Anzia Yezierska, by Bettina Berch (2009)
  40. * The Eloquence of Mary Astell, by Christine Mason Sutherland (2005)
  41. A Serious Proposal to the Ladies, by Mary Astell (1697)
  42. ✨A Raisin in the Sun, by Lorraine Hansberry (1959)
  43. * Radical Vision: A Biography of Lorraine Hansberry, by Soyica Diggs Colbert (2021)
  44. So Big, by Edna Ferber (1924)
  45. Crossriggs, by Jane and Mary Findlater (1908)
  46. The History of a Nun, by Aphra Behn (1689)
  47. * ✓ A Secret Sisterhood: The Literary Friendships of Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontë, George Eliot, and Virginia Woolf, by Emily Midorikawa and Emma Claire Sweeney (2017)
  48. Dusty Answer, by Rosamond Lehmann (1927)
  49. Other Things Being Equal, by Emma Wolf (1892)
  50. The Lonely Doll, by Dare Wright (1957)
  51. Moths, by Ouida (1880)
  52. * Heaven’s Bride: The Unprintable Life of Ida C. Craddock, by Leigh Eric Schmidt (2010)
  53. * Sexual Outlaw, Erotic Mystic: The Essential Ida Craddock, by Vere Claiborne Chappell (2010)
  54. Monster, She Wrote: The Women Who Pioneered Horror and Speculative Fiction, by Melanie R. Anderson and Lisa Kröger (2019)
  55. ✨Appius and Virginia, by G.E. Trevelyan (1932)
  56. The Inseparables, by Simone de Beauvoir (2021, tr. Lauren Elkin. Original: Las inséparables, originally written in 1954, first published in 2020)
    • Other edition: Inseparable (2021, tr. Sandra Smith)
  57. How to Cook a Wolf by M.F.K. Fisher (1942)
  58. Jenny and the Cat Club by Esther Averill (1944 – 1973)
  59. A Manual for Cleaning Women by Lucia Berlin (2015)
  60. * Valancourt Book of Victorian Christmas Ghost Stories – Volume III (2018)
  61. Looking for Trouble by Virginia Cowles (1941)
  62. * The Correspondents: Six Women Writers on the Front Lines of World War II by Judith Mackrell (2021)
  63. We Are Incredible by Margery Latimer (1928)
  64. * Guardian Angel and Other Stories by Margery Latimer (1993)
  65. * Friendship Village by Zona Gale (1908)

That’s it for now, folks. Do you have any favourites among the books listed here? And what are your favourite lit podcasts? Please let me know. 🙂

Yours truly,


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11 thoughts on “Lost Ladies of Lit | Reading Project

  1. Fabulous list. My mother loved Peg Bracken’s writing, so I know that book well. And when I was young, my dad made frequent business trips to Milwaukee, each time bringing me back one of the Betsy-Tacy books. I hope you read the earlier ones in the series, for the late 19th century flavor.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks to you, I just found a new podcast. I just listened to the latest episode from Lost Ladies of Lit and am hooked!

    I also like Backlisted Podcast and the Book Cougars. This is a great project you are embarking upon and I am sure I will get good recs!👍


  3. Harriet the Spy was my FAVORITE book growing up! I’ve been meaning to read Fitzhugh’s bio as well. I also loved Crossriggs and the two Emily Eden novels (I own the combined edition). They’re both good but unrelated novels, so you don’t have to read them in any order. The Mitford novels are also wonderful.


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