The Booktube Spin #3: the Victorian Women Writers edition

Hi, folks!

It’s time for another Booktube Spin, hosted by Rick! Inspired by our beloved Classics Club Spin, the idea is to list 20 books (they don’t have to be classics), and Rick will spin a wheel and a choose a number on June 25th. Then, we have two months to read the spin book and post about it by September 30th. For more details, go to Rick’s channel:

Rick made a list of classics he wants to tackle, and Simon made a Persephone edition of the spin. I like the idea of a thematic list, so mine will be a Victorian women writers edition! Here is my list:

  1. Mary Cholmondeley: Red Pottage (1899)
  2. Emily Eden: The Semi-Attached Couple (1860)
  3. Catherine Crowe: The Story of Lilly Dawson (1847)
  4. Eliza Lynn Linton: The Rebel of the Family (1880)
  5. Emily Lawless: Grania (1892)
  6. Amy Dillwyn: A Burglary (1883)
  7. Marie Corelli: The Sorrows of Satan (1895)
  8. Christina Rossetti: Commonplace, and other short stories (1870)
  9. Edith Johnstone: A Sunless Heart (1894)
  10. Charlotte Mary Yonge: The clever woman of the family (1865)
  11. Ouida (aka Maria Louise Ramé): Moths (1880)
  12. Mona Caird: The Daughters of Danaus (1894)
  13. Dinah Maria Craik: Olive (1850)
  14. Ella Hepworth Dixon: The Story of a Modern Woman (1894)
  15. Sarah Grand: The Heavenly Twins (1893)
  16. Lucas Malet (aka Mary St Leger Kingsley): The history of Sir Richard Calmady (1901)
  17. Rhoda Broughton: Cometh Up As a Flower (1867)
  18. Geraldine Jewsbury: Zoe (1845)
  19. Edith None Somerville and Violet Florence Martin: The Real Charlotte (1894)
  20. Louisa Baldwin: The Story of a Marriage (1895)

Spin me a number, Booktube! Which book would you like to see win?

Yours truly,


Gustav Max Stevens, Quiet pleasures, 1898
Gustav Max Stevens, Quiet pleasures, 1898

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2 thoughts on “The Booktube Spin #3: the Victorian Women Writers edition

  1. I’ve only read 1 and 2 on your list, but they’re both wonderful! I am very intrigued what Marie Corelli is actually like, as the inspiration for Elizabeth Taylor’s Angel, so would quite like you to get 7 and read that.

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