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Hi, folks!

The spring cleaning continues in this [blank] garden of mine! As I already mentioned, I decided to transfer some of my reading project pages to regular posts – so, you will be seeing a lot of those in the coming weeks.

A Letter A Day is a personal long-term project of mine, where I intend to read my way through a pile of letter collections I own – and I will do it, as the title says, one letter a day.

I will update this post as I go along. You will be able to find a link to this post on my projects page.


  • Read books are marked as (✓)
  • Favourites are marked as (✨)
  • DNFed books are crossed off
  • My reviews, when available, will be linked below


  • Start Date: 14.05.2019
  • Current score: 12 / 31 (I can add books to this list later)
  • Source: here
  • Books reviewed

The List

  1. ✨ The Letters of Sylvia Plath Volume 1: 1940-1956, ed. Peter K. Steinberg & Karen V. Kukil (2017)
  2. The Letters of Sylvia Plath Vol 2: 1956-1963, ed. Peter K. Steinberg & Karen V. Kukil (2018)
  3. ✨ Letters Home: Correspondence 1950–1963, by Sylvia Plath, ed. Aurelia Schober Plath (1975)
  4. ✨Nueva Correspondencia Pizarniked.  Ivonne Bordelois and Cristina Pina (2014. Selected Letters by Alejandra Pizarnik, not translated yet)
  5. ✨ Anne Sexton: A Self Portrait in Letters, written by Anne Sexton, edited by Linda Gray Sexton and Lois Ames (1977; posthumous)
  6. ✨ Jane Carlyle: Newly Selected Letters, edited by Kenneth J Fielding & David R Sorensen (2004)
  7. ✨The Letters of Virginia Woolf: Vol. One, 1888-1912, ed. Joanne Trautmann & Nigel Nicolson (1975)
  8. The Letters of Virginia Woolf: Volume Two, 1912-1922,ed. Joanne Trautmann & Nigel Nicolson (1976)
  9. The Letters of Virginia Woolf: Volume Three, 1923-1928,ed. Joanne Trautmann & Nigel Nicolson (1977)
  10. The Letters of Virginia Woolf: Volume Four, 1929-1931, ed. Joanne Trautmann & Nigel Nicolson (1978)
  11. The Letters of Virginia Woolf, Vol. Five: 1932-1935, ed. Joanne Trautmann & Nigel Nicolson (1979)
  12. The Letters of Virginia Woolf: Volume Six, 1936-1941, ed. Joanne Trautmann & Nigel Nicolson (1980)
  13. ✨The Letters of Vita Sackville-West and Virginia Woolf, ed. Louise DeSalvo & Mitchell Alexander Leaska (1985)
  14. Vita and Virginia: Love Letters, ed. Alison Bechdel (2021)
  15. ✨Living on Paper: Letters from Iris Murdoch 1934-1995, ed. Avril Horner & Anne Rowe (2016)
  16. Letters of Emily Dickinson, ed. Mabel Loomis Todd (1894)
  17. ✨ Open Me Carefully: Emily Dickinson’s Intimate Letters to Susan Huntington Dickinson, ed. Martha Nell Smith (1998)
  18. Jane Austen’s Letters, ed. Deirdre Le Faye (1997)
  19. The Letters of Edith Wharton, ed. R.W.B. Lewis & Nancy Lewis (1988)
  20. Selected Letters of Charlotte Brontë, ed. Margaret Smith (2007)
  21. Letters of Edna St.Vincent Millay, ed. Allan Ross Macdougall (1952)
  22. Im Dunkeln gehn. Briefe an Emily Coleman, by Djuna Barnes, ed. Mary Lynn Broe, tr. Robin Cackett (2002)
  23. Einstens lebt ich süßes Leben: Gedichte, Prosa, Briefe, Zeugnisse von Zeitgenossen, by Karoline von Günderrode, ed. Christa Wolf (2006)
  24. Denken ohne Geländer: Texte und Briefe, by Hannah Arendt, ed. Heidi Bohnet & Klaus Stadler (2006)
  25. Between Friends: The Correspondence of Hannah Arendt and Mary McCarthy 1949-1975, ed. Carol Brightman (1995)
  26. Briefe, by Gertrud Kolmar, ed. Johanna Woltmann (2014)
  27. ✨ Violet to Vita: The Letters of Violet Trefusis to Vita Sackville-West, 1910-1921, ed. Mitchell A. Leaska & John Phillips (1991)
  28. ✨ Ever Yours, Florence Nightingale: Selected Letters, ed. Martha Vicinus & Bea Nergaard (1990)
  29. Letters, Dreams, and Other Writings, by Remedios Varo. ed. and tr. Margaret Carson (2018)
  30. The Element of Lavishness: Letters of Sylvia Townsend Warner and William Maxwell, 1938-1978, ed. Michael Steinman (2001)
  31. ✨ Further Letters of Mrs Gaskell, ed. John Chapple, Alan Shelston (2003)

That’s it for now, folks. Do you have any recommendations? Please let me know. 🙂

Yours truly,


the-letter-1891 - Mary Cassatt
Mary Cassatt, “The Letter”, 1891.


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