20 Books of Summer | 2021

Hello, folks!

In the midst of Spring, we think of 20 Books of Summer! This is a reading event hosted by Cathy over at the 746 Books blog, and by now you know the gist: anyone can join in, and you are free to make a list of 10 / 15 / 20 books to read & review during the warmest months of the year (in 2021, the event starts on June, 1st and finishes on September, 1st).


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I am yet to finish my Spring TBR, so I am going for a list of 15 shorter tomes for the Summer – basically, lots of Victorian & sapphic stuff. Here is my list:

  1. Millenium Hall, by Sarah Scott (1762)
  2. The Head Of Medusa, by George Fleming (1880)
  3. Atla – Story of a Lost Island, by J Gregory Smith (1886)
  4. The Silence Of Dean Maitland by Maxwell Gray (1886)
  5. A Diplomat’s Diary by Julien Gordon (1890)
  6. Some Emotions and a Moral by John Oliver Hobbes (1891)
  7. Cecilia De Noël by Lanoe Falconer (1891)
  8. Keynotes, by George Egerton (1893)
  9. Attila, My Attila!, by Michael Field (1896)
  10. Iras: A Mystery, by Theo Douglas (1896)
  11. Twilight, by Frank Danby (1916)
  12. Regiment of Women, by Clemence Dane (1917)
  13. Poison for Teacher, by Nancy Spain (1951)
  14. Desert of the Heart, by Jane Rule (1964)
  15. W-3: A Memoir, by Bette Howland (1974)

I’ve also been craving some new releases lately, so I may also dip into the following list, once I finish the books above:

  1. Summer, by Ali Smith (2020)
  2. A Ghost in the Throat, by Doireann Ní Ghríofa (2020)
  3. The Bass Rock, by Evie Wyld (2020)
  4. Summerwater, by Sarah Moss (2020)
  5. To Be A Man, by Nicole Krauss (2020)
  6. Hot Stew by Fiona Mozley (2021)
  7. The High House by Jessie Greengrass (2021)
  8. Everybody by Olivia Laing (2021)
  9. In Memory of Memory, by Maria Stepanova (2021, tr. Sasha Dugdale. Original: Памяти памяти, 2017)
  10. Second Place by Rachel Cusk (2021)

That’s all for now, folks! What are your reading projects for Summer? Do tell me about them.

Yours truly,


Winslow Homer, Girl in the Hammock, 1873


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13 thoughts on “20 Books of Summer | 2021

  1. Some interesting books there! I read Millennium Hall a while ago and really enjoyed it. My 20 Books pile is a little terrifying – more in what it doesn’t include that I need to read around it! Oh well! Have fun with yours!

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