The Booktube Spin #2

Hi, folks!

It’s time for another Booktube Spin, hosted by Rick! Inspired by our beloved Classics Club Spin, the idea is to list 20 books (they don’t have to be classics), and Rick will spin a wheel and a choose a number on April 28th. Then, we have two months to read the spin book and post about it by June 30th. For more details, go to Rick’s channel:

In the god of shuffle we trust, my friends! Here is my list:

  1. Millenium Hall, by Sarah Scott (1762)
  2. Self-Control, by Mary Brunton (1811)
  3. The Head Of Medusa, by George Fleming (aka Julia Constance Fletcher, 1880)
  4. Violets and Other Tales, by Alice Dunbar-Nelson (1895)
  5. Claudine at School, by Colette (1900)
  6. Regiment of Women by Clemence Dane (1917)
  7. The Life and Death of Harriett Frean, by May Sinclair (1922)
  8. Appius and Virginia, by G. E. Trevelyan (1932)
  9. The Dark Island, by Vita Sackville-West (1934)
  10. Saraband, by Eliot Bliss (1936)
  11. La Femme De Gilles, by Madeleine Bourdouxhe (1994, tr. Faith Evans. Original: La Femme de Gilles, 1937)
  12. Trio, by Dorothy Baker (1943)
  13. Poison for Teacher by Nancy Spain (1951)
  14. Brown Girl, Brownstones, by Paule Marshall (1959)
  15. Bid Me to Live, by H. D. (1960)
  16. Faces in the Water, by Janet Frame (1961)
  17. The Finishing Touch, by Brigid Brophy (1963)
  18. W-3: A Memoir, by Bette Howland (1974)
  19. In Memory of Memory by Maria Stepanova (2021, tr. Sasha Dugdale. Original: Памяти памяти, 2017)
  20. The High House by Jessie Greengrass (2021)

Happy reading, everyone! Which book would you like to see win?

Yours truly,


Robert Bereny

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