Yan Ge

Yan Ge (pen name of Dai Yuexing, 1984) is a Chinese author.

She grew up in a small town in Sichuan, and earned a PhD in comparative literature at Sichuan University. Her first short story collection was published when she was seventeen and, since then, she has published thirteen books and received numerous literary awards in China.

Works in English

  • Strange Beasts of China (2020, tr. Jeremy Tiang, novel. Original: 异兽志, 2006)
  • The Chilli Bean Paste Clan (2018, tr. Nicky Harman, novel. Original: 我们家, 2013)
  • White Horse (2014, tr. Nicky Harman, novella available here. Original: 白马, 2009)
  • Sissy Zhong (2015, tr. Nicky Harman, short story available here. Original: 钟腻哥)

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