Sara Gallardo

Sara Gallardo (Sara Gallardo Drago Miter; December 23, 1931 – June 14, 1988) was an Argentine author.

Born to a wealthy family of landowners, politicians and intellectuals, Gallardo travelled extensively to various countries in Latin America, Europe and the Middle East, and started writing in her teens.

In 1955, she married the journalist and screenwriter Luis Pico Estrada. They had two children, but later divorced in the 1960’s. In 1970, she married the writer Héctor Alberto Álvarez (known under the pen name H. A. Murena), and they had a son. Álvarez committed suicide in 1975.

In 1958, Gallardo published her first novel Enero (‘January’), one of the first Argentine novels to address rape and abortion from the perspective of a victim. Gallardo was also known for her contributions to the magazine Confirmado and to the newspaper La Nación. She was a friend of Jorge Luis Borges, Manuel Mujica Láinez, and Julio Cortazar, among others.

Gallardo died of an asthma attack, on June 14, 1988, at the age of 56. She wrote numerous newspaper columns and essays, travelogues, five novels, three children’s books, a collection of short stories, and, by the time of her death, was planning to write a biography of Edith Stein – but her books remained largely forgotten until the early 2000’s.

Her work only started to receive renewed attention in 2001, when her novel Eisejuaz (1971) was chosen by Ricardo Piglia to be part of the collection of ‘Clásicos de la Biblioteca Argentina’, issued by the newspaper Clarín.



  • Enero (1958)
  • Pantalones azules (1963)
  • Los galgos, los galgos (1968)
  • Eisejuaz (1971)
  • La rosa en el viento (1979)

Short stories

  • El país del humo (1977)

Children’s books

  • Los dos amigos (1974)
  • Teo y la T.V. (1974)
  • Las siete puertas (1975)
  • ¡Adelante la isla! (1982)

Newspaper columns and essays

  • Páginas de Sara Gallardo (1987)
  • Macaneos. Las columnas de Confirmado (2016)
  • Los oficios (2018)

About her

  • Sara Gallardo. La mujer de humo, by Josefina Fonseca (2019)
  • Escrito en el viento: Lecturas sobre Sara Gallardo, ed. Paula Bartúa and Lucía De Leone (2013)
  • Spanish American Authors: The Twentieth Century, by Angel Flores (1992)
  • Spanish American Women Writers: A bio-bibliographical source book, Diane E. Marting (1990)

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