Carolina Nabuco

Carolina Nabuco (née Maria Carolina Nabuco de Araújo. February 9th, 1890 – August 18th, 1981) was a Brazilian author.

Daughter of the statesman Joaquim Nabuco, Carolina was born in Rio de Janeiro, but spent most of her childhood in Petrópolis. From an early age, she developed a love for reading and writing, and spoke French and English fluently. As a result of her father’s constant travels, her education was carried out by private tutors in Europe and in the United States, where she spent most of her teenage years.

Carolina Nabuco never married, and worked as a translator and writer. In 1929, her first book, a biography of her father, was published to great acclaim. Carolina Nabuco went on to publish novels, short-stories, a cookbook, a number of nonfiction books, and a memoir. She was awarded the prestigious Machado de Assis Prize in 1978, for her body of work and contributions to Brazilian literature.

Carolina Nabuco died of cardiac arrest on August 18th, 1981.


  • A Vida de Joaquim Nabuco(1929, biography)
  • A Sucessora (1934, ‘The Successor’, novel)
  • Catecismo historiado (1940, religious book)
  • Chama e Cinzas(1947, novel)
  • Visão dos Estados Unidos (1953, nonfiction)
  • Santa Catarina de Siena(1957, nonfiction)
  • Virgílio de Melo Franco(1962, nonfiction)
  • Retrato dos Estados Unidos à luz da sua literatura(1967, nonfiction)
  • O Ladrão de Guarda-Chuva e Dez Outras Histórias(1969, short stories)
  • Oito décadas(1973, memoir)
  • Meu Livro de Cozinha(1977, cookbook)

About her

  • Escritoras brasileiras do século XIX – v. III, ed. Zahidé Lupinacci Muzart (2009)
  • História das mulheres no Brasil, ed. Mary Del Priori (2002)
  • A escritura no feminino: aproximações, ed. Aline Alves Arruda and others (2011)
  • Dicionário crítico de escritoras brasileiras, by Nelly Novaes Coelho (2002).
  • “Carolina Nabuco: uma lady em nossa literatura”, by Zahidé Lupinacci Muzart, Anuário de Literatura,  18, p. 71-88, 2013.

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