Dorothy Evelyn Smith

Dorothy Evelyn Smith (née Jones, 1893 – 1969) was an English writer.

She attended an art school in 1911, and married three years later, in 1914, to the son of a Nonconformist minister. The couple had a daughter, in 1920, and a son, in 1927. Her husband died in 1952.

During World War I, Smith worked as a clerk for the War Office, and started to publish poems and short stories in periodicals. Her first novel, O, the Brave Music, was published in 1943.

Dorothy Evelyn Smith died in 1969, at 76.


  • O, the Brave Music (1943)
  • Proud citadel (1947)
  • My lamp is bright (1947)
  • He Went For a Walk (1954)
  • Lost Hill (1952)
  • Beyond the gates (1956)
  • Huffley fair (1956)
  • The Lovely Day (1957)
  • Miss Plum and Miss Penny (1959)
  • The Blue Dress (1962)
  • Brief Flower (1966)

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