Jokha Alharthi

Jokha Alharthi (1978) is an Omani writer.

She has a PhD in Classical Arabic Poetry from the University of Edinburgh, and currently works as an associate professor of Arabic Literature at the Sultan Qaboos University in Muscat.



  • Manamat (‘Dreams’, 2004)
  • Sayyidat al-Qamar (‘Ladies of the Moon’, 2010)
  • Narinjah (‘Bitter Orange’, 2016)

Children’s books

  • Alsahabat tatamanaa (‘The Cloud Wishes’, 2015)
  • Ushsh lil-Asafir (‘Nest for Birds’, 2010)

Short-story collections

  • Maqati Min Sirat Lubna Ith Aana al-Rahil (‘Excerpts from Lubna’s Autobiography when it is Time to Leave’, 2001)
  • Sabi Ala al-Sath (‘A Boy on the roof’, 2007)
  • Fi Madih al-Hubb (‘Impressing Love’, 2008)


  • Mulahaqat al-shumus: manhaj al-talif al-adabi fi “Kharidat al-qasr (‘Chasing the Suns: The Literary Methodology In The Book Of “Kharidat al-Qasr”’, 2010)
  • Dirasat Fi Adab Oman Wa al-Khalij (‘Studies in Oman and Gulf Literature’, 2003)


  • Winner of the Man Booker International Prize 2019, for the novel Celestial Bodies
  • Winner of the Sultan Qaboos Award for Culture, Arts and Literature 2016, for the novel Narinjah
  • Shortlisted in the Sahikh Zayed Award for Young Writers 2011, for the novel Celestial Bodies
  • Best Omani novel 2010, for the novel Celestial Bodies
  • Best Omani children’s book 2010, for ush al-asafir

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