Virago Lesbian Landmarks Reading Project

Hi, folks!

Thanks to Cate at the Virago Modern Classics Readers group on Facebook, I found out that Virago had published a series of lesbian fiction called Lesbian Landmarks. Cate very gently published the corresponding list of books here and here, and I was immediately drawn to the idea of turning this list into a personal reading project.

I will update this post as I go along. You will be able to find a link to this post on my projects page, as part of my Speak Is Name project. I will be eventually adding to this list other queer Virago Modern Classics.


  • Read books are marked as (✓)
  • Favourites are marked as (✨)
  • DNFed books are crossed off
  • My reviews, when available, will be linked below
  • Books I’ve read: 01/ 06
  • Source of the list: the Virago Modern Classics Readers group on Facebook

Lesbian Landmarks:
  1. Fernhurst, Q.E.D.and Other Early Stories by Gertrude Stein (1971. Q.E.D, 1903; Fernhurst, 1904)
  2. Regiment of Women by Clemence Dane (1917)
  3. The Child Manuela, by Christa Winsloe (tr. Agnes Neill Scott, 1994. Original: Das Mädchen Manuela, 1933. Also known as Mädchen in Uniform)
  4. Poison for Teacher by Nancy Spain (1951)
  5. Winter Love by Han Suyin (1962)
  6. Love Child by Maureen Duffy (1971)

Other queer Viragos:
  1. Dusty Answer, by Rosamond Lehmann (1927)
  2. The Well of Loneliness, by Radclyffe Hall (1928)
  3. ✨ Two Serious Ladies, by Jane Bowles (1943)
  4. ✓ The Friendly Young Ladies, by Mary Renault (1944. US title: The Middle Mist, 1945)
  5. Olivia, by Dorothy Bussy (1949)
  6. ✓ Carol (The Price of Salt) by Patricia Highsmith (1952)
  7. ✨ The Charioteer by Mary Renault (1953)
  8. ✨ The King of a Rainy Country, by Brigid Brophy (1956)
  9. The Passion of New Eve by Angela Carter (1977)
  10. Confessions of a failed Southern lady, by Florence King (1985)
  11. Small g: A Summer Idyll, by Patricia Highsmith (1994)
  12. The Secret Diaries Of Miss Anne Lister – Vol. 1: I Know My Own Heart, ed. Helena Whitbread (2010)
  13. The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister – Vol. 2: No Priest But Love, ed. Helena Whitbread (2020)

This is it for now, folks! If you know of any more titles to add to these lists, please let me know! And, last but not least, Happy Pride Month! 🎉

Yours truly,


Thomas Wilmer Dewing, “Summer”, 1890.

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