Reading events for your quarantine

Hi, folks!

I don’t know about you, but my reading has been all over the place lately, due to the ‘current situation’ (the euphemistic way some people have been referring to the lockdown / pandemic / global economic collapse combo). It may well be the end of the world as we know it and my days as a fellow human with chronic bronchitis may be numbered, but hell – I want my blogging mojo back.

As a lover of endless TBRs and pointless spreadsheets, I compiled a list of reading events I plan to take part in:

First and foremost – our beloved #1920 Club!

As most of you know, this week (April, 13th – 19th), Simon and Karen are co-hosting the #1920Club, one of their regular six-monthly reading Clubs, where they encourage everyone to read and discuss books from a particular year. Like everyone and their mother, I am currently reading Colette’s Chéri, and I hope to be posting about it here by the end of the week. I also have wild plans of reading in tandem Catherine Carswell’s Open the Door! & D. H. Lawrence’s Women in Love (Lawrence and Carswell were friends & exchanged the manuscripts of these novels, which were both published in 1920), but let’s first see how I go with my girl Colette.

Dewey’s Readathon

… is just around the corner! This reading event was created by our beloved Dewey from the blog The Hidden Side of a Leaf , and held for the first time in October 2007. Dewey died in late 2008, and now the readathon is hosted by Heather of My Capricious Life and Andi of Estella’s Revenge.

The idea is to devote 24 hours to reading (go here to know more about it). The event will take place on April 25th, and, due to Corona, it will be the first time I will have an entire day to read (and no friends to meet), since I started to participate.

SPRINGATHON – a Nature Writing Readathon

Spring is here and we are all locked inside – reading about it! SpringAThon is a reading event hosted by Natalie @curiousreaderr and Emma @emmawright174 on Booktube, where they encourage us to read more nature writing books. The event will take place from May 4th to 17th, and they have crated a set of prompts to inspire us:

  • Bird (on the cover, in the title, or about)
  • Water (on the cover, in the title, or about)
  • Animal (on the cover, in the title, or about)
  • Plant (on the cover, in the title, or about)
  • Travel/Destination (on the cover, in the title, or about)

They have created a downloadable planner (in case you want to use it for your reading bullet journals)

And you can also follow the SpringAThon on Twitter if that’s your thing.

On Bookstagram, Natalie @curiousreaderr and I @blankgarden will host the #springathonchallenge, where we encourage you to post a photo a day, showing us your nature-inspired reads! I hope you will feel inspired to join us in May 🙂

Also in May – Daphne du Maurier Reading Week 2020!

From May 11th to 17th, Ali is hosting a reading week dedicated to our one and only du Maurier! You can join in the conversation using the hashtag #DDMreadingweek on Twitter and Instagram, and read and share photos of some of your Daphne du Maurier books.

I will be reading The Flight of the Falcon (1956) & hoping to somehow pair it with Helen Macdonald’s H is for Hawk (2014) for SpringAThon….

More reading stuff for your quarantine, folks:

Songs for your quarantine


And, finally,
a tutorial on how to make a mask, obvsly

Yes, we filmed this tutorial on how to make a mask out of a vacuum cleaner bag (no sewing required). Any mask is better than nothing, but some materials are better than others at filtering. Look for TNT (85% Viskose, 15% Polypropylen). Or the good old vacuum cleaner bag. 💡

Well, that’s all for now, I guess. Are you planning to take part in any reading event this Spring? How is your quarantine going?

Take care, y’all!

Yours truly,


Oreste Albertini. “Ecstasy of Spring”, 1932

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