Know Thy Shelf | 05

Hi, folks!

This is post number five of a series of photos documenting my bookshelves.  I thought it would be interesting to create a meme/tag for it, so I am calling this series/meme/tag #knowthyshelf:

1) Book from this shelf you would save in an emergency:
  • The Bronte Sisters: Three Novels: Jane Eyre; Wuthering Heights; and Agnes Grey (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition, 2009)
2) Book that has been in this shelf for the longest time:
  • Ein Kind (Autobiography #5), by Thomas Bernhard (1982)
3) Newest addition to this shelf:
  • Never Breathe a Word: The Collected Stories of Caroline Blackwood (2010)
4) Book from this shelf you are most excited to read or reread:
  • Eva, by Carry van Bruggen (1927)
5) Any poetry books?
  • Oroonoko, The Rover, and Other Works, by Aphra Behn, edited by Janet Todd (1992)
6) Any nonfiction books?
  • The Life of Charlotte Brontë, by Elizabeth Gaskell, edited by Angus Easson (1857)
  • Selected Letters, by Charlotte Brontë, edited by Margaret Smith (2007)
  • Passions of the Mind: Selected Writings, by A.S. Byatt (1990)
  • Imagining Characters: Six Conversations About Women Writers: Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, George Eliot, Willa Cather, Iris Murdoch, and Toni Morrison, by A.S. Byatt and Ignes Sodre (1995)
  • The Brontës, by Juliet Barker (1994)
7) Most read author in this shelf:
  • The Brontë sisters…
And now a question for you:
8) What does this shelf tell YOU about ME as a reader?

Feel free to do this tag, too! As always, I’d love to peruse your bookshelves 🙂

Yours truly,


Woman Reading (1925). Peter Vilhelm Ilsted

6 thoughts on “Know Thy Shelf | 05

  1. New follower 🙂

    Your shelf tells me 1) We both like the Brontes (and anyone who would save Agnes Grey in an emergency is ‘ok’ in my book!), 2) You really, really like the Brontes, 3) Though you like the Brontes you do have other tastes.

    Glad to ‘meet’ you!


  2. I love this tag! I might do it soon. What this bookshelf tells me about you is that you’re a Brontë fan and that you enjoy reading classics, which is awesome 🙂


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