Han Kang

Han Kang (November 27, 1970) is a South Korean writer.

She studied Korean literature at Yonsei University, and teaches creative writing at the Seoul Institute of the Arts.


  • Korean Fiction Award (1999), for the novella Baby Buddha
  • Yi Sang Literary Award Grand Prize (2005), for Mongolian Mark
  • Dong-ni Literary Award (2010), for Breath Fighting
  • Man Booker International Prize (2016), for The Vegetarian 



  • Convalescence, tr. Jeon Seung-hee (2013. Original: 회복하는 인간, 2013)
  • The Vegetarian: A Novel, tr. Deborah Smith (2015. Original: 채식주의자, 2007)
  • Human Acts, tr. Deborah Smith (2016. Original: 소년이 온다, 2014)
  • The White Book, tr. Deborah Smith (2017. Original: 흰, 2016)


  • 여수의 사랑  – ‘Love of Yŏsu’, Munhak-kwa chisŏngsa (1995)
  • 거믄 사슴 – ‘The Black Deer’, Munhakdongne (1998)
  • 내 여자의 열매 – ‘The fruits of my wife’, Ch’angbi (2000)
  • 그대의 차가운 손 – ‘Your cold hand’, Munhak-kwa chisŏngsa (2002)
  • 붉은 꽃 이야기 – ‘The history of the purple flower’, Yŏllimwŏn (2003)
  • 가만가만 부르는 노래 – ‘Quietly sung songs’, Pich’ae (2007)
  • 채식주의자 – ‘The vegetarian’, Ch’angbi (2007)
  • 사랑과 사랑을 둘러싼 것들 – ‘Love and what love comprises’, Yŏllimwŏn (2009)
  • 희랍어 시간 – ‘Time for Greek’, ‘Greek Lessons’, Munhakdongne (2011)
  • 노랑무늬 영원 – ‘Eternal yellow pattern’, Munhak-kwa chisŏngsa (2012)
  • 회복하는 인간  – ‘Convalescent humanity’, Asia (2013)
  • 서랍에 저녁을 넣어 두었다  – ‘The evening left in the drawer’, Munhak-kwa chisŏngsa (2013)
  • 소년 이 온다 ‘The boy is coming’, Sonyŏn i onda (2014)

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