Library Loot: November 21 to 27 | 2018

Hi, folks!

We have had our first snow around here, the days are short and dark, and I am trying to comfort myself with a new stack of books freshly borrowed from my local library. Here is my

LIBRARY LOOT: november 21 to 27

Library Loot is a weekly event hosted by Claire from The Captive Reader, encouraging bloggers to share the books they’ve checked out from the library.

My nonfiction trend continues, so here is what I got this week:

  • The Wild Muse: The Poetry of Annette Von Droste-Hülshoff, by Marion Tymms (2013)
    • A short biography of German poet Annette Von Droste-Hülshoff, followed by a translation of some of her poems. This is for German Lit Month.
  • A Passionate Sisterhood: the sisters, wives and daughters of the lake poets, by Kathleen Jones (2000)
    • I’ve recently finished The Poets’ Daughters: Dora Wordsworth and Sara Coleridge, by Katie Waldegrave (2013), and I wanted to read more about the topic.
  • Dorothy Wordsworth, by Robert Gittings and Jo Manton (1985)
    • Same reason!
  • Ambitious heights: writing, friendship, love: the Jewsbury sisters, Felicia Hemans, and Jane Welsh Carlyle, by Norma Clarke (1990)
    • Apparently, I never get tired of reading about 19th-century women authors…

That’s all for now, folks. What will you be reading in December? 😊

Yours truly.


Yeghishe Tadevosyan, ‘The woman reading in the garden’,1903

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  1. These all look interesting and like just the right sort of books to snuggle up with on cold, dark days. Happy reading!

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