Miguel Torga

Miguel Torga (pseudonym of Adolfo Correia da Rocha, 1907 – 1995) was a Portuguese writer.

He studied at a Catholic seminary. In 1920, he was sent to Brazil to work as an underpaid labourer on an uncle’s coffee plantation. Five years later, Torga returned to Portugal to resume high school, and later he studied Medicine at the University of Coimbra. He was a member of the literary movement Presença, and founder of the libertarian magazines Sinai and Manifesto, in which he expressed violent opposition to the rising tide of Fascism in Europe in the 1930’s.


In English

    • Tales and More Tales from Mountainby Miguel Torga, tr. Ivana Carlsen (1995. Original: Novos Contos da Montanha, 1944)
    • The Creation of the World, by Miguel Torga, tr.  Ivana Carlsen and Patricia Odber (2000. Original: A Criação Do Mundo, 1981)
    • Iberian poems, by Miguel Torga, tr. George Monteiro (2004. Original: Poemas Ibéricos, 1965)

In Portuguese


  • Ansiedade (1928)
  • Rampa (1930)
  • O Outro Livro de Job (1936)
  • Lamentação (1943)
  • Nihil Sibi (1948)
  • Cântico do Homem (1950)
  • Alguns Poemas Ibéricos (1952)
  • Penas do Purgatório (1954)
  • Orfeu Rebelde (1958)
  • Poesia Completa (2000)


  • Pão Ázimo (1931)
  • Criação do Mundo. Os Dois Primeiros Dias (1937)
  • O Terceiro Dia da Criação do Mundo (1938)
  • O Quarto Dia da Criação do Mundo (1939)
  • O Quinto Dia da Criação do Mundo (1974)
  • O Sexto Dia da Criação do Mundo (1981)
  • Bichos (1940)
  • Contos da Montanha (1941)
  • O Senhor Ventura (1943)
  • Novos Contos da Montanha (1944)
  • Vindima (1945)
  • Fogo Preso (1976)


  • Terra Firme e Mar (1941)
  • O Paraíso (1949)
  • Sinfonia (1947)


  • Portugal (1950)
  • Traço de União (1955)
  • Diário (16 volumes, published from 1941 to 1994)

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