Olga Tokarczuk

Olga Tokarczuk (1962) is a Polish writer.

She studied Psychology at the University of Warsaw, and later worked as therapist. She now runs the small publishing company Ruta.


  • Nike Award (2008) for Flights, tr. Jennifer Croft (2017. Original: Bieguni, 2007)
  • Nike Award (2015) for Księgi jakubowe (The Books of Jacob)
  • Brückepreis (2015) for the promotion of peace, democratic development and mutual understanding in Europe
  • Man Booker International Prize (2018) for Flights, tr. Jennifer Croft (2017. Original: Bieguni, 2007)


In English

  • House of Day, House of Night, tr.  Antonia Lloyd-Jones (2003. Original: Dom dzienny, dom nocny, 1998)
  • Primeval and Other Times, tr.  Antonia Lloyd-Jones (2010. Original: Prawiek i inne czasy, 1996)
  • Flights, tr. Jennifer Croft (2017. Original: Bieguni, 2007)
  • Drive Your Plow over the Bones of the Dead, tr.  Antonia Lloyd-Jones (2018. Original: Prowadź swój pług przez kości umarłych, 2009)

In Polish

  • Miasta w lustrach (1989, “Cities in Mirrors”)
  • Podróż ludzi księgi (1993, “The Journey of the Book-People”)
  • Prawiek i inne czasy (1996, “Primeval and Other Times”)
  • Szafa (1997, “The Wardrobe”)
  • Dom dzienny, dom nocny (1998, “House of Day, House of Night”)
  • Opowieści wigilijne (2000, with Jerzy Pilch and Andrzej Stasiuk, “Christmas Tales”)
  • Lalka i perła (2000, “The Doll and the Pearl”)
  • Gra na wielu bębenkach (2001, “Playing on Many Drums”)
  • Ostatnie historie (2004, “The Last Stories”)
  • Anna w grobowcach świata (2006, “Anna in the Tombs of the World”)
  • Bieguni (2007, “Flights”)
  • Prowadź swój pług przez kości umarłych (2009, “Drive Your Plow over the Bones of the Dead”)
  • Moment niedźwiedzia (2012, “The Moment of the Bear”)
  • Księgi Jakubowe (2014, “Jacob’s Scriptures”)


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  1. I just finished Drive Your Plow and it blew me away. Loved Flights as well. We need more in english!

    Liked by 1 person


    1. Yes, I want to read anything by her I can get my hands on! I am very curious about Drive Your Plow, will check your review.



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