Fleur Jaeggy

Fleur Jaeggy (1940) is an Italian-speaking Swiss writer.

After having finished her studies in Switzerland, Jaeggy moved to Rome in the 1960’s, when she befriended Ingeborg Bachmann and Thomas Bernhard. In 1968, she started to work for the publisher Adelphi Edizioni in Milan. She also works as translator.


  • Premio Boccaccio Europa for I beati anni del castigo (1994)
  • Premio Moravia for La paura del cielo (1994)
  • Proleterka  was nominated by The Times Literary Supplement the best book of 2003
  • Premio letterario internazionale Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa for Sono il fratello di XX (2015)


In English

  • Sweet Days of Discipline, tr. Tim Parks (1993. Original: I beati anni del castigo, 1989)
  • Last Vanities, tr. Tim Parks (1998. Original: La paura del cielo,1994)
  • S. S. Proleterka, tr. Alastair McEwen (2003. Original: Proleterka, 2001)
  • These Possible Lives, tr. Minna Q. R. Zallman Proctor (2017. Original: Vite congetturali, 2009)
  • I Am the Brother of XX, tr.  Gini Alhadeff (2017. Original: Sono il fratello di XX, 2014)

In Italian

  • Il dito in bocca (1968)
  • L’angelo custode (1971)
  • Le statue d’acqua (1980)
  • I beati anni del castigo (1989)
  • La paura del cielo (1994)
  • Proleterka (2001)
  • Vite congetturali (2009)
  • Sono il fratello di XX (2014)

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