Arnon Grunberg

Arnon Grunberg (February 22, 1971) is a Dutch writer.

He was born in Amsterdam to Jewish parents who emigrated from Germany after the war. When he was 17 years old, Arnon dropped out of high school, and, after a failed acting career, he made his writing debut at 24 years old with “Blue Mondays”. He has since published more than 10 novels, and many other works including plays, scripts, essays, and short stories. Grunberg writes a daily column (“Voetnoot”) in the Dutch newspaper “de Volkskrant”, and is a regular contributor to many other newspapers and magazines. He lives in New York but travels frequently.

Grunberg regularly explores different viewpoints by embedding himself in a situation. He has traveled with soldiers in Afghanistan, worked as massage therapist, lived in a psychiatric institution, and recently substituted for a father in a Dutch family.


In English

  • Blue Mondays, 1997 (Blauwe maandagen, 1994)
  • Silent Extras, 2001 (Figuranten, 1997)
  • Saint Anthony, 1998 (De heilige Antonio, 1998)
  • Phantom Pain (2004) (Fantoompijn, 2000)
  • The Story of My Baldness, 2004 (De geschiedenis van mijn kaalheid, 2000)
  • Praised be Mankind, Praise of Folly, 2001 (De Mensheid zij geprezen, Lof der Zotheid 2001)
  • The Asylum Seeker, 2003 (De asielzoeker, 2003)
  • The Jewish Messiah, 2008 (De joodse messias, 2004)
  • Tirza, 2013 (Tirza, 2006)
  • Our uncle, 2008 (Onze oom, 2008)
  • Tooth and Nail, 2010 (Huid en Haar, 2010)
  • The Man Without Illness, 2012 (De man zonder ziekte, 2012)


  • Blauwe maandagen, 1994
  • Figuranten, 1997
  • De heilige Antonio, 1998
  • Fantoompijn, 2000
  • De geschiedenis van mijn kaalheid, 2000
  • De Mensheid zij geprezen, Lof der Zotheid 2001
  • Gstaad 95–98, as Marek van der Jagt, 2002
  • De asielzoeker, 2003
  • De joodse messias, 2004
  • Tirza, 2006
  • Onze oom, 2008
  • Huid en Haar, 2010
  • De man zonder ziekte, 2012
  • Het bestand, 2015
  • Moedervlekken, 2016
  • Het tweede bestand, 2017

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