What’s in a name (and on a bookshelf?) | My blog’s name in books

Hello, folks,

I saw this meme doing the rounds at Karen, LizzySimonAli & Jane, and decided to join in! The meme was created by  Fictionophile and it is as simple as it gets: spell out your blog’s name from books on your TBR shelf.

I’ve perused my shelf of Virago unread books, and here is what I found:

  • Treasure Hunt, by Molly Keane
  • Hunt the Slipper, by Violet Trefusis
  • Elizabeth and Her German Garden, by Elizabeth von Arnim
  • Brother Jacob,  by George Eliot
  • Letty Fox: Her Luck, by Christina Stead
  • Anderby Wold, by Winifred Holtby
  • None Turn Back, by Storm Jameson
  • The King of a Rainy Country, by Brigid Brophy
  • The Gentlewomen, by Laura Talbot
  • A Heritage and Its History, by Ivy Compton-Burnett
  • Red Pottage, by Mary Cholmondley
  • Devil by the Sea, by Nina Bawden
  • Eight Cousins, Louisa May Alcott
  • Nobody’s Business, by Penelope Gilliatt

The big question now: which of these books should I read first? Have you read any of these?

If you enjoyed the meme, do join in 🙂

Yours, truly,


Augutus John, The Blue Pool, 1911


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  1. I have most of these unread too BUT I just read Hunt the Slipper and will be reviewing soon. I liked it a lot.



    1. Thank you, Simon! I will be reading your review 🙂 I bought this book after reading a biography of Vita Sackville-West, and I remember getting curious about Trefusis’ writing. But then I never got to reading it… Shame on me.



  2. We share a couple of TBR titles there in None Turn Back and Red Pottage. I recommend. King of the Rainy Country, The Gentlewoman Anderby Wold and Elizabeth and her German Garden. Great list.



    1. Thank you, Ali! I want to read Red Pottage this year for my century of books. Let’s see if I get around to doing it! X)



  3. Love the idea of doing all Viragos! Elizabeth and her German Garden is lovely – highly recommended!



    1. Thank you, Karen! I’ve been meaning to read more von Arnim 🙂

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