Elizabeth Anna Hart

Elizabeth Anna Hart (née Smedley, 1822-1890) was an English writer,  also known as Fanny Wheeler Hart.


  • Try, and you Will: a Story for Youth, 1859
  • Mrs. Jerningham’s Journal, 1869
  • The Runaway: a Story for the Young (1872)
  • A Very Young Couple, 1873
  • Paws and Claws: Being True Stories of Clever Creatures, Tame and Wild, 1874
  • Miss Hitchcock’s Wedding-Dress, 1875
  • Tiny Houses and Their Builders, 1876
  • Harry, 1877
  • Silver wings and golden scales, 1877
  • Freda, 1878
  • Very Genteel, 1880
  • Two fourpenny bits, 1880
  • Poor Nelly, 1880
  • Three Epochs in the Life of a Woman, 1881
  • Wilfred’s Widow, 1883
  • May Cunningham’s trial, 1883
  • Mr. Burke’s nieces, 1883
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