Library Loot, a Century of Books and more

Hello, folks,

My literary year doesn’t really start until I decide to dive into more reading projects than I can actually handle. So here they are:

A Century of Books

This is a project hosted by Simon, with the aim of reading and reviewing a book published in every year of the Twentieth Century. My aim is to read one book for every year of the 19th century, and here is my (to-be-completed) list.

Persephone Readathon

This is an eleven-day event hosted by Jessie at Dwelling in Possibility, from February 1st through February 11th. The goal is simply to enjoy reading and discussing all things Persephone Books! I will be (finally) reading The Runaway, by Elizabeth Anna Hart (1872), which will also fit my century of books list.


This is an event hosted by Brown Girl Reading to encourage readers to support black authors from all over the world  during Black History Month. Didi will also be hosting a readalong for Tar Baby, by Toni Morrison (1981), over at her Goodreads Group. Here is my TBR for the event:

  • The Autobiography of My Mother, by Jamaica Kincaid (1996)
  • Dust Tracks on a Road, by Zora Neale Hurston (1942)
  • Bailey’s Cafe, by Gloria Naylor (1992)
  • Anything We Love Can Be Saved, by Alice Walker (1997)
  • The Mothers, by Brit Bennett (2016)
  • Tar Baby, by Toni Morrison (1981)

Mansfield Park Readalong

This is hosted by Ange, from February 17th to 28th, at her Goodreads Group. It’s Austen, it’s Mansfield Park – I couldn’t resist, guys.

Aeneid Readalong

Kat is hosting a readalong for Virgil’s Aeneid, from January 8th to February 26th. I am late to the game, but I will join in. After having to read the Aeneid in high school, I never pick it up again, so it’s about time for a come  back!

and, finally my

Library Loot: January 31st to February 6th

Library Loot is a weekly event co-hosted by Claire from The Captive Reader and Linda from Silly Little Mischief, encouraging bloggers to share the books they’ve checked out from the library. Here is what I got this week:

  • The Last Quarter of the Moon, by Chi Zijian, tr. Bruce Humes (2014. Original title: 额尔古纳河右岸, 2005) – This is the February book for the Tales & Co. Goodreads Group, hosted by A Skeptical Reader.
  • A Secret Sisterhood, by  Emily Midorikawa and Emma Claire Sweeney (2017) – This is a new release I didn’t get to last year. I am still a bit skeptical, but I will give it a go.
  • The Collected Letters of Katherine Mansfield: Volume 1: 1903-1917, edited by Margaret Scott & Vincent O’Sullivan (1984) – I read an abridged version of Mansfield’s journals years ago, and loved it. When I found out that my local library had the complete collection of her letters, I simply felt I had to start reading it in chronological order. Right?

That’s all, folks. What are you reading? Do you have any new projects?

Yours ever so truly,


13 thoughts on “Library Loot, a Century of Books and more

  1. So many great reading projects here!! I’m especially tempted by the Mansfield Park readalong, since I want to reread it again this year.
    I don’t actually know anything about The Runaway, so I’ll be very interested to see what you think about it! I adore Katherine Mansfield’s short stories and I’m sure her letters are fascinating. I’ve been meaning to read A Secret Sisterhood, but am a little skeptical as well.
    Hope you have a wonderful reading month and that you enjoy the Persephone Readathon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for coming up with the Persephone Readathon, Jessie! It is such a lovely event! I am about halfway through The Runaway, and loving it! It is a children’s book where one of the characters is a bold girl who reminds me a little of Pippi Longstocking ;D

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great projects! I’m still doing the ACOB I started in 2014 as I decided to do it organically and try not to buy books specifically for it. Turns out I read a lot of books from the same years!

    Did you decide to join my Iris Murdoch challenge in the end? I’m fairly sure I saw you post about it but think i might have got that wrong. No pressure, of course, just interested!


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