Jane Welsh Carlyle

Jane Welsh Carlyle (née Jane Baillie Welsh, 14 January 1801 – 21 April 1866) was a Scottish letter writer.

As a child, she was given private tuition at home, and later attended a school in Edinburgh. In 1826, she married the essayist Thomas Carlyle. From 1840 until her death in 1866, Jane had a long lasting relationship with fellow writer Geraldine Jewsbury. Virginia Woolf wrote a portrait of Jane and Geraldine, published in her Second Common Reader.



  • The Early Letters of Jane Welsh Carlyle, edited by David George Ritchie (1889, available here)
  • Selections from the Letters of Geraldine Endsor Jewsbury to Jane Welsh Carlyle, edited by Annie Alexander Ireland (1892, available here)
  • I Too am Here: Selections from the Letters of Jane Welsh Carlyle, edited by by Alan Simpson & Mary McQueen Simpson (1977)
  • Jane Carlyle: Newly Selected Letters, edited by Kenneth J Fielding & David R Sorensen (2004)
  • The letters of Jane Welsh Carlyle and Thomas Carlyle (available here)
  • New Letters and Memorials of Jane Welsh Carlyle (available here)

About her

  • “Mrs. Carlyle,” by Margaret Oliphant, in: The Contemporary Review, Vol. XLIII, 1883, pp. 609–628 (available here).
  • Jane Welsh and Jane Carlyle, by Elizabeth A. Drew (1928)
  • “Geraldine and Jane”, by Virginia Woolf, in: The Bookman, February 1929, pp. 612 – 620 (available here)
  • Necessary Evil; the Life of Jane Welsh Carlyle, by Lawrence Hanson & Elisabeth Hanson (1952)
  • The Carlyles: A Biography of Thomas and Jane Carlyle, by John Stewart Collis (1971)
  • Jane Welsh Carlyle, by Virginia Surtees (1986)
  • Ambitious Heights: Writing, Friendship, Love: The Jewsbury Sisters, Felicia Hemans, and Jane Welsh Carlyle, by Norma Clarke (1990)
  • Thomas and Jane Carlyle: Portrait of a Marriage, by Rosemary Ashton (2001)
  • Jane Welsh Carlyle and Her Victorian World: A Story of Love, Work, Marriage, and Friendship by Kathy Chamberlain (2017)

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