German Literature Month VII

Hello, bookish people,

German Literature Month ist wieder da! Just like in previous years, Lizzy and Caroline will host the 7th GLM (#germanlitmonth) this coming November. During the month, their blogs will be dedicated to literature written in German.

On 15th November, Lizzy will be discussing Yoko Tawada’s Memoirs of A Polar Bear. On 29th November, Caroline will discuss Lion Feuchtwanger’s The Oppermanns, as part of her War and Literature series. There is no obligation to participate in the readalongs: the only rule for German Literature Month is to simply enjoy reading something originally written in German.

Here you can find some of the books reviewed in the past GLM events. Here and here you find a list of German women writers; here and here a list of Austrian women writers; here a list of Swiss women writers. And, finally, here a list of German language authors!

It’s still a month to go, but I’m joining in! Below is my list of potential reads for the event:

  • Nothing But Ghosts, by Judith Hermann, tr. Margaret Bettauer Dembo, 2005 (Nichts als Gespenster: Erzählungen, 2003)
  • The Weight of Things, by Marianne Fritz, tr. Adrian Nathan West, 2015 (Die Schwerkraft der Verhältnisse, 1978) (Dorothy)
  • Grand Hotel, by Vicki Baum, tr. Basil Creighton, 2016 (Menschen im Hotel, 1929) (NYRB Classics)
  • Who is Martha?, by Marjana Gaponenko, tr. Arabella Spencer, 2014 (Wer ist Martha?, 2012)
  • Berlin Stories, by Robert Walser, tr. Susan Bernofsky, 2012 (Bedenkliche Geschichten. Prosa aus der Berliner Zeit 1906–1912) (NYRB Classics)
  • Effi Briest, by Theodor Fontane, tr. Walter Wallich, 2017 (Effi Briest, 1894) (Persephone Books)
    • Other translations:
      • Hugh Rorrison and Helen Chambers (Penguin Classics, 2000, Goodreads);
      • Mike Mitchell (Oxford University Press, 2015, Goodreads)
  • Irretrievable, by Theodor Fontane, tr. Douglas Parmée, 2011 (Unwiederbringlich, 1891) (NYRB Classics)
  • Rock Crystal, by Adalbert Stifter, tr. Elizabeth Mayer and Marianne Moore, 2008 (Bergkristall, 1853) (NYRB Classics)
  • Überseezungen: Literarische Essays, by Yoko Tawada, not translated (2002)

What will you be reading in November? 😊

Yours truly.


Woman Reading by Candlelight Peter Ilsted (1908)

6 thoughts on “German Literature Month VII

  1. Thrilled you are joining us again, Juliana. That’s a pretty strong reading list too! I particularly recommend both Fontanes and the book by Marianne Fritz. Vicki Baum’s novel is a sheer delight! Enjoy.


  2. I have picked up Effi Briest once before, but somehow could not carry through with it. I will try again this November, with hopes we may chat about it sometime. I loved reading your list. As usual.


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