In the mood for some Victober

Hello, lovely readers,

Victober is a challenge hosted by Kate Howe, Katie from Books and Things, Ange from Beyond the Pages, and Lucy the Reader. Their goal is to read as much Victorian literature as they can in the month of October – by that they understand any book published from 1837-1901 in the UK. There are five ‘challenges,’ which can be mixed, as long as we read at least three books.

I’m in the mood for some Victorian Lit lately, so I’ll take advantage of the fact that some of my R.I.P. books overlap with this challenge:

  1. Read a book by a Scottish, Welsh, or Irish author
    • Wales: Tales for Christmas Eve, by Rhoda Broughton (also R.I.P., and challenges 2, 3 & 4  below)
    • Ireland: The Gadfly, by Ethel Lilian Voynich (also challenge 4 below)
    • Scotland: Hester, by Mrs. Oliphant (also Classics Club, and challenges 3 & 4 below)
  2. Read a book containing supernatural elements
    • The Blood of the Vampire, by Florence Marryat (also R.I.P., and challenges 3 & 4  below)
    • All Saints’ Eve, by Amelia B. Edwards (also R.I.P., and challenges 3 & 4  below)
    • Hauntings, by Vernon Lee (also R.I.P., and challenges 3 & 4  below)
    • The Shadow in the Moonlight and Other Stories, by Mrs. Molesworth (also R.I.P., and challenges 3 & 4  below)
    • The Virago Book of Victorian Ghost Stories, ed. by Richard Dalby (also R.I.P., and challenges 3 & 4  below)
  3. Read a lesser known Victorian book with less than 2000 Goodreads reviews
    • See above!
    • Zoe, by Geraldine Jewsbury (also challenge 4 below)
    • Esther Waters, by George Moore (also challenge 1 above)
  4. Read a book written by a Victorian woman author
    • See above!
    • Agnes Grey, by Anne Brontë (also R.I.P. & Classics Club)
    • East Lynne, by Mrs. Henry Wood (also R.I.P. )
    • If you are still in search of a Victorian woman author, I recommend that you take a look at the Victorian Women Writers Project, hosted by the Indiana University 🙂
  5. Read a book that was recommended to you:
    • The Odd Women, by George Gissing (also challenge 3 above)
    • Which Victorian book would you recommend to me? 🙂

I guess that’s all for now. Do you enjoy Victorian Lit? What will you be reading in Ocotober? Tell me about it. 🙂

Yours truly,


Wife of the artist Victor Mottez (1809-1897)

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