Xiaolu Guo

Xiaolu Guo (simplified Chinese: 郭小橹; traditional Chinese: 郭小櫓; pinyin: Guō Xiǎolǔ, 1973) is a British-Chinese novelist and film-maker.

She studied at the Beijing Film Academy, and moved to London in 2002.


  • Once Upon A Time in the East: A Story of Growing up (memoir, 2017)
  • I am China (novel, 2014)
  • Lovers in the Age of Indifference (short story collection, 2010)
  • UFO in Her Eyes (novel, 2009)
  • 20 Fragments of a Ravenous Youth (novel, 2008)
  • A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary For Lovers (novel, 2007)
  • Village of Stone (我心中的石头镇, Wǒ xīnzhōng de shítou zhèn, novel, 2003)
  • Fenfang’s 37.2 Degrees (芬芳的37.2度 Fēnfāng de 37.2 dù, novel, 2000)
  • Flying in My Dreams (梦中或不是梦中的飞行, Mèng zhōng huò bùshì mèng zhōng de fēixíng, essay collection, 1999)
  • Poetry Collection (诗集, Shījí, 1991)


As director/producer/screenwriter

  • Late At Night – Voices of Ordinary Madness (Documentary, 2013)
  • UFO in Her Eyes (Fiction Feature, 2011)
  • She, a Chinese (Fiction Feature, 2009)
  • Once upon a time Proletarian (Documentary, 2009)
  • An Archeologist’s Sunday (Fiction Short, 2008)
  • We Went to Wonderland (Documentary, 2008)
  • Address Unknown (Fiction short, 2007)
  • How Is Your Fish Today? (Fiction Feature, 2006)
  • The Concrete Revolution (Documentary, 2004)
  • Far and Near (Documentary, 2003)

As screenwriter

  • The House (Menghuan tianyuan, 1999)
  • Love in the Internet Age (Wangluo shidai de aiqing, 1998)


  • Longlisted for the 2007 Orange Prize for Fiction for her novel A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary For Lovers (2007)
  • She was selected as one of Granta’s Best of Young British Novelists (2013)


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