Georgia Douglas Johnson

Georgia Douglas Johnson (Georgia Blanche Douglas Camp Johnson, September 10, 1880 – May 14, 1966) was an African-American poet and playwright.

She graduated from Atlanta University’s Normal School, and attended the Oberlin Conservatory of Music in Ohio and the Cleveland College of Music. She wrote music from 1898 until 1959, and worked as assistant principal in a public school in Atlanta. In 1965, she received an honorary doctorate in literature from Atlanta University.

Johnson was a member of the Harlem Renaissance.

Poems on this blog


Poem collections

  • The Heart of a Woman (1918)
  • Bronze (1922)
  • An Autumn Love Cycle (1928)
  • Share My World (1962)


  • Blue Blood (1926)
  • Plumes (1927)
  • Frederick Douglass (1930s)
  • Paupaulekejo (1926)
  • Starting Point (play) (1930s)
  • A Sunday Morning in the South (1925)
  • And Yet They Paused (1938)
  • A Bill to Be Passed (1938)

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