Lady Sarashina

Sugawara no Takasue no Musume (菅原孝標女, also known as Takasue’s Daughter, c.1008 – after 1059) was a Japanese author known for her classic Heian period travel diary, the Sarashina Nikki.

Sugawara no Takasue no Musume” means daughter of Sugawara no Takasue. Her real name is unknown, so British scholar Ivan Morris, who translated her diary to English, referred to her as Lady Sarashina.

Court Lady in the Heian period


  • Sarashina Nikki (更級日記)
  • Yowa no Nezame (夜半の寝覚, ‘Wakefulness at Night’)
    • The Tale of Nezame: Part Three of Yowa no Nezame Monogatari, tr. Carol Hochstedler, 1979 (partial translation)
    • Developments in Late Hein Prose Fiction: The Tale of Nezame, tr. Richard L. Kenneth, PhD dissertation at the University of Washington, 1979
  • Hamamatsu Chūnagon Monogatari, also Mitsu no Hamamatsu (浜松中納言物語)
    • A Tale of Eleventh Century Japan: Hamamatsu Chunagon Monogatari, tr. Thomas H. Rohlich, 1983

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