Fumiko Enchi

Fumiko Enchi (円地 文子 Enchi Fumiko, pen-name of Fumiko Ueda, 2 October 1905 – 12 November 1986) was a Japanese writer.

She was taught English, French and Chinese literature through private tutors at home. From 1918 to 1922, she attended the girl’s middle school of Japan Women’s University, but later abandoned her studies due to poor health.

She died of heart attack in 1986.



  • Kaze no gotoki kotoba (The Words like the Wind, 1939)
  • Ten no sachi, umi no sachi (The Treasures of Heaven and Sea, 1940)
  • Shunju (Spring and Autumn, 1943)
  • The Waiting Years, tr. John Bester (Onna Zaka, 1949–1957)
  • Masks, tr. Juliet Winters Carpenter (Onna Men, 1958)
  • A Tale of False Fortunes  tr. Roger Kent Thomas (Nama miko monogatari ,1965)
  • Saimu (The Colours of Mist, 1976)


  • Furusato (A Birthplace, 1926)
  • Banshu sōya (A Restless Night in Late Spring, 1928)


  • Enchi Genji, a translation of The Tale of Genji into modern Japanese.

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