And the fruits gleamed in that light

“Of the voice of things

– by Fiama Hasse Pais Brandao

Only the wind’s blast
gives lyrical sound
to the windmill’s blades.

Only the things touched
by the love of other things
have a voice.”

(translated by Juliana Brina)


Song of Genesis
– by Fiama Hasse Pais Brandao

In the beginning there was light, then blue
skies, for the light  is soaked
in the air layers we look at.
In the beginning was the Passion and it spawned
animals from its blood, plants from its
Cross. There was, in the beginning,
The tiny vegetable-animal, hidden
In Paradise, but omnipresent
from the outset. And from clay
or from Adamic earth, Nature and Man
were formed, both bathed in the light
that cut out hazy lines and shapes.
In the beginning was martyrdom
and blessing of those who work
their body and their bread from sun to sun.
And the fruits gleamed in that light
when the waters parted
and the sea, to this day, breaks and breaks its waves
so that I hear the sound of its beginning.”

(translated by Juliana Brina)

Original poems in Portuguese:

Só a rajada de vento
dá o som lírico
às pás do moinho.

Somente as coisas tocadas
pelo amor das outras
têm voz.”

(Source: As Fábulas, 2002)

Ao princípio era a luz, depois o céu
azul porque a luz se embebe
nas camadas de ar que olhamos.
Ao princípio era a Paixão e engendrou
do seu sangue os animais, da sua
Cruz as plantas. Era, ao princípio,
o animal-vegetal minúsculo, oculto
no Paraíso, mas omnipresente
desde o ante-princípio. E da argila
ou da terra adâmica formou-se a Natureza
e o Homem, banhados pela luz
que recortou linhas e volumes vagos.
Ao princípio era o martírio
e a bênção daquele que trabalha
o seu corpo e o seu pão de sol a sol.
E os frutos fulguraram nessa luz
quando as águas se apartaram
e o mar, até hoje, quebra e requebra a onda
para eu ouvir o som do início.”
(Source:  Cantos do Canto, 1995)

Paul Jenkins. Rainbow Bleed.

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