My year of Pilgrimage

Hello, lovely bookish friends!

How are you? Right now, I am surrounded by blue skies and the thin buttery sunlight of late Winter. I have four tomes and a window in front of me. Inspired by Liz Sarah, Kaggsy and Jane, who have undertaken this journey before, I’ve been toying with the idea of reading through all thirteen novels in Dorothy Richardson’s Pilgrimage.

The idea is to begin in March, and to read one book per month (up to 280 p./month). Would you like to join me in? 🙂

Here is our reading schedule:

  • March
    • Pointed Roofs (174 p.)
  • April
    • Backwater (160 p.)
  • May
    • Honeycomb (143 p.)
  • June
    • The Tunnel (280 p.)
  • July
    • Interim (163 p.)
  • August
    • Deadlock (222 p.)
  • September
    • Revolving lights (166 p.)
  • October
    • The Trap (112 p.)
    • Oberland (120 p.)
  • November
    • Dawn’s Left Hand (140 p.)
  • December
    • Clear Horizon (132 p.)
  • January/2018
    • Dimple Hill (152 p.)
  • February/2018
    • March Moonlight (105 p.)
  • March/2018
    • Catching-up read

What do you think of the schedule? I hope the idea inspires you to read more of Dorothy Richardson’s experimental modernist prose. And, naturally, as always, you are all invited to undertake this journey with me, and to participate in the readalong! It will be a delight to have pilgrimage companions, and to discuss the books with you. 🙂

Yours truly,


Gwen John. "The precious book."
Gwen John. “The precious book.”

About the books

  • Pilgrimage, Volume 1: Pointed Roofs, Backwater, Honeycomb (Pilgrimage #1-3). Virago Modern Classics, 1989, 496 p. First published in 1916. Goodreads.
  • Pilgrimage, Volume 2: The Tunnel and Interim (Pilgrimage #4-5). Virago Modern Classics, 1992, 456 p. First published in 1916. Goodreads.
  • Pilgrimage, Volume 3: Deadlock, Revolving Lights, The Trap (Pilgrimage #6-8). Virago Modern Classics, 1979, 512 p. First published in 1917. Goodreads.
  • Pilgrimage, Volume 4: Oberland, Dawn’s Left Hand, Clear Horizon, Dimple Hill, March Moonlight (Pilgrimage #9-13). Virago Modern Classics, 1979, 660 p. First published in 1919. Goodreads.

8 thoughts on “My year of Pilgrimage

  1. I acquired vol. 1 in VMC recently, and picked up vol. 4 shortly before – so may well join in, at least to start. Been meaning to read her for a long time, so this will give the impetus needed, perhaps. Depends on work and domestic commitments, as always.


  2. Good luck! We will all be here to wish you on your way and of course you can get to read all our reviews as you finish each volume – reading the others’ posts helped me with the process. Well worth it.


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