Anna Gmeyner

Anna Wilhelmine Gmeyner (16 March 1902 – 3 January 1991) was an exiled Austrian writer.

She was born to liberal Jewish parents in Vienna, where her father was a lawyer. In 1924, Gmeyner married a biologist, whit whom she had one daughter. The family then moved to Scotland in 1926, where her husband got a job as researcher at the University. In Edinburgh, Anna wrote a play based on the Scottish miners’ strike of 1926. The couple separated in 1928, and she moved to Berlin, where she continued to write plays.

When the Nazi’s came to power, in 1933, Gmeyner moved to Paris, where she worked with Bertolt Brecht and G. W. Pabst. There she met and married the Russian philosopher Jascha Morduch. The couple then moved to London, where she worked on exile literature.

Gmeyner died in York in 1991.


In English

  • Manja, tr. Kate Phillips, Persephone Books, 2003;
    • also translated as: The Wall, tr. Philip Owens, London, 1939; Five Destinies, tr. Philip Owens, New York, 1939;
  • A Jar Laden with Water: Six Stories, published under the pseudonym Anna Morduch, London: Peter Davies, 1961;
  • No Screen for the Dying, published under the pseudonym Anna Morduch, London: Regency Press, 1964;
  • The Sovereign Adventure, published under the pseudonym Anna Morduch,Cambridge: James Clarke, 1970;
  • Café du Dome , London 1941;
    • also translated as: The Coward Heart, New York, 1941;
  • The Death and Life of Julian, published under the pseudonym Anna Morduch, London: Regency Press, 1960.

In German

  • Der große und der kleine Klaus, Kinderstück, 1929
  • Heer ohne Helden. Bergarbeiterschauspiel in 8 Bildern, Dresden 1929
  • Zehn am Fließband, Drama, 1931
  • Automatenbüffet. Ein Spiel in drei Akten mit Vorspiel und Nachspiel, Volksstück, Berlin 1932
    • auch als: Im Trüben fischen
  • Mary-Ann wartet, Erzählung, 1933 (erschienen in Fortsetzungen in der österreichischen Zeitschrift „Moderne Welt. Almanach der Dame“; 1934 erneut im „Pariser Tageblatt“)
  • Manja. Ein Roman um fünf Kinder, Amsterdam 1938.

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