Christina Stead Week

Hello, dear readers,

I have been absent, I know. In my defense, I would say that I’ve been enthralled by the course I am teaching at the university this semester, which, in return, has been leaving me with few time and mindspace for the ever-growing pile of fiction books patiently waiting for me at the bedside table. Furthermore, Autumn’s many charms this year have been simply irresistible – whenever I have the time, I climb on my bike and  go out to explore the nearby woods, in my way to the library.

But the insistent rain today has finally brought me back to my beloved TBR-pile, as well as to my weekly visit to your lovely book blogs. And I was more than happy to find out today that Lisa Hill, over at ANZ Litlovers, is hosting the Christina Stead Week, which will take place from November 14th to 20th this year.

I have two of Stead’s books on my Classics Club List, so I will try to smuggle them into my November TBR, along with the books for German Literature Month and my Genji Readalong. I’ve never read any Stead, so I am happy to have the opportunity to give her a go. Here are the books on my list:

  1. Letty Fox: Her Luck by Christina Stead
  2. The Salzburg Tales, Christina Stead

That’s all for now, I guess. Which books do you recommend? What are your reading projects? Do tell me about them.

Yours truly,


Charles Sprague Pearce, Reading on the beach, 1883-85.
Charles Sprague Pearce, Reading on the beach, 1883-85.

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