Elisabeth Sanxay Holding

Elisabeth Sanxay Holding (1889–1955) was an American novelist.

She  attended Miss Whitcombe’s school for young ladies, and married British diplomat George E. Holding in 1913. Elisabeth traveled in South America and the Caribbean, and lived in Bermuda for several years, before settling in New York City.


  • Invincible Minnie (1920)
  • Angelica (1921)
  • Rosaleen Among the Artists (1921)
  • The Unlit Lamp (1922)
  • Miasma (1929)
  • Dark Power (1930)
  • The Death Wish (1934)
  • The Unfinished Crime (1935)
  • The Strange Crime in Bermuda (1937)
  • The Obstinate Murderer (1938) also published as No Harm Intended
  • The Girl Who Had To Die (1940)
  • Who’s Afraid? (1940) also published as Trial By Murder
  • Speak of the Devil (1941)
  • Kill Joy (1942) also published as Murder is a Kill-Joy
  • Lady Killer (1942)
  • The Old Battle Ax (1943)
  • Net of Cobwebs (1945)
  • The Innocent Mrs. Duff (1946)
  • The Blank Wall (1947). Reprinted by Persephone Books
  • Too Many Bottles (1951) also published as The Party Was the Pay-Off
  • The Virgin Huntress (1951)
  • Widow’s Mite (1953)

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