R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril XI

Hello, lovely readers,

It’s September, which means it’s time for R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril! R.I.P. is hosted by Carl at Stainless Steel Droppings and is now in its eleventh year! The event takes place from September 1st, 2016 through October 31st, 2016. As always, the idea of R.I.P. is to read books from one or more of the following categories, during the months of September and October:

Dark Fantasy

Or anything sufficiently moody that shares a kinship with the above! It is a great opportunity for some seasonal  readings.  There are different levels of participation to choose from and I am signing up for Peril the Second:

Simply halve the requirement of Peril the First. If you choose to take on this Peril, read two books of your choosing that you feel fit the various R.I.P. categories.

Art by Abigail Larson
Art by Abigail Larson

Here is a list of potential reads (the books I own are in bold):

  • The Sundial, by Shirley Jackson
  • The Blank Wall, by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding ✓
  • Eileen, by Ottessa Moshfegh ✓
  • The White Cottage Mystery, by Margery Allingham
  • Gothic Tales, by Elizabeth Gaskel
  • Lolly Willowes, by Sylvia Townsend Warner
  • The Mysteries of Udolpho, Ann Radcliffe
  • Northanger Abbey, Jane Austen
  • The Virago Book of Ghost Stories, by Richard Dalby (org.)
  • The Virago Book of Witches, by Shahrukh Husain (org.)
  • The Virago Book of Victorian Ghost Stories, by Richard Dalby (org.)
  • The Virago Book of Ghost Stories: The Twentieth Century Volumes I and II, by Richard Dalby (org.)
  • Lady Audley’s Secret, by Mary Elizabeth Braddon
  • The Ghost Stories of Edith Wharton, by Edith Wharton
  • Ghost Stories, by Peter Washington (org.)
  • Hauntings, by Vernon Lee
  • The Virgin of the Seven Daggers, by Vernon lee
  • The Old English Baron, by Clara Reeve
  • Zofloya: Or the Moor, by Charlotte Dacre
  • The Blood of the Vampire, by Florence Marryat
  • Clermont, by Regina Maria Roche
  • The Mysterious Warning, by Eliza Parsons
  • The Orphan of the Rhine, by Eleanor Sleath
  • Emmeline, by Charlotte Turner Smith
  • East Lynne, by Mrs. Henry Wood
  • The Oxford Book of Gothic Tales, by Chris Baldick (Ed.)
  • Late Victorian Gothic Tales, by Roger Luckhurst (Ed.)
  • Great Tales of Terror and the Supernatural, by Phyllis Wagner (Ed.)
  • The Oxford Book of English Ghost Stories, by Michael Cox (Ed.)
  • Black Water: The Book of Fantastic Literature, by Alberto Manguel (Ed.)
  • Black Water 2: More Tales of the Fantastic, by Alberto Manguel (Ed.)
  • Fantastic Tales: Visionary and Everyday, by Italo Calvino (Ed.)
  • The Oxford Book of Victorian Ghost Stories, by Michael Cox (Editor)
  • The Oxford Book of the Supernatural, by D.J. Enright (Editor)
  • The Oxford Book of Scarytales, by Dennis Pepper (Editor)
  • The Oxford Book of Dreams, by Stephen Brook (Editor)
  • The Oxford Book of Twentieth-Century Ghost Stories, by Michael Cox (Editor & Introduction)
  • The Haunted Looking Glass, by Edward Gorey (Editor)
  • The Castle of Wolfenbach: A German Story, by Eliza Parsons
  • The Penguin Book of Witches, by Katherine Howe (ed.)
  • Victorian Ghost Stories by Eminent Women Writers, by Richard Dalby (ed.)
  • Ghost Stories, by Charles Dickens
  • Seven Gothic Tales, by Isak Dinesen
  • The Bloody Chamber, by Angela Carter
  • American Women’s Ghost Stories in the Gilded Age, by Dara Downey
  • The Dreams in the Witch House: And Other Weird Stories, by S. T. Joshi
  • There Once Lived a Woman Who Tried to Kill Her Neighbour’s Baby, by Ludmilla Petrushevskaya

And what will you be reading? Tell me about it.

Yours truly,


 William Worchester Churchill. Woman Reading on a Settee, circa 1910.
William Worchester Churchill. Woman Reading on a Settee, circa 1910.

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