Tatiana Salem Levy

Tatiana Salem Levy (1979) is a Brazilian writer. She was born in Portugal, while her parents were in exile, during the Brazilian dictatorship. Tatiana is of Jewish-Turkish descent.

She studied literature at the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro and at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, and holds a PhD in Literature.

tatiana salem levy


  • Winner of the São Paulo Prize for Literature 2008, for The House in Smyrna (A Chave de Casa, 2007);
  • Finalist of the Jabuti Award 2008, for The House in Smyrna (A Chave de Casa, 2007);
  • Shortlisted for the São Paulo Prize for Literature 2012, for Dois Rios (2011);
  • Finalist of the Portugal Telecom Prize 2012,  for Dois Rios (2011);
  • Selected among the Best of Young Brazilian Novelists 2012 by Granta.



In English

  • The House in Smyrna, tr. Alison Entrekin ( Scribe, 2015, 160 p. Original title: A chave de casa, 2007);
  • Short-stories:
    • ‘Blazing Sun’ (‘O Rio sua’). Granta, 13th November, 2012;
    • ‘Desert’ (‘Deserto’). Litro magazine 2012;
    • ‘Lost Time’ (‘Tempo perdido’). Other Carnivals, new stories from Brazil (Full Circle 2013).

In Portuguese

  • Antologies:
    • Paralelos (2004)
    • 25 Mulheres que Estão Fazendo a Nova Literatura Brasileira (2005)
    • Recontando Machado (2008), Dicionário Amoroso da Língua Portuguesa(2009).
  • Criticism:
    • A Experiência de Fora: Blanchot, Foucault e Deleuze, Relume Dumará, (2003).
  • Novels:
    • A Chave de Casa (2007)
    • Dois Rios (2011)
    • Tanto mar (2013, children’s book)
    • Paraíso (2014).
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