Antonia White

Antonia White (born Eirene Botting; 1 March 1899, London – 10 April 1980) was a British writer.

She attended St. Paul’s Girls’ School, but later left school, and unsuccessfully attempted to become an actress. She then began writing for magazines and worked in advertising, as well as copywriter and BBC translator.

By the age of 30, she had been married three times, and suffered several mental breakdowns. She struggled with mental illness throughout her life, which she referred to as “The Beast”. She was friends with novelist Djuna Barnes.


  • Frost in May (1933)
  • Three in a Room: Comedy in 3 Acts (1947)
  • The Lost Traveller (1950)
  • The Sugar House (1952)
  • Beyond the Glass (1954)
  • Strangers (1954)
  • Minka and Curdy (1957)
  • The Hound and the Falcon: The Story of a Reconversion to Catholic Faith (1965)
  • Living with Minka and Curdy (1970)
  • As Once in May (Autobiography edited by Susan Chitty)
  • Nothing to Forgive: A Daughter’s Life of Antonia White—Lyndall Hopkinson (1988)
  • Now to My Mother: A Very Personal Memoir of Antonia White—Susan Chitty (1985)

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