All Virago/All August 2016

Hello, fellow readers!

I’ve just found out at the lovely blog Heavenali that August is also a month dedicated to reading through our long most loved TBR list of Persephones and Viragos! The reading event All Virago/All August is hosted by the Librarything Virago Readers Group.

I have some Viragos & Persephones on my #20BooksOfSummer list, so I’ll try to tackle reading these next month!

Here they are:

I am not good at sticking to lists, but I will be happy if I manage to read at least two out of those.

And you? Are you reading any Viragos or Persephones next month? Do let me know. 🙂

Yours truly,


Peggy Irvine.
Peggy Irvine.


14 thoughts on “All Virago/All August 2016

  1. You have some very tempting titles on your list, Juliana! I haven’t read any of them yet, but Angel is in my TBR while the Whipple is very high on my wishlist. Hope you enjoy them, will follow your reviews with interest. 🙂


  2. Ooh that’s a lovely pile – I know the first three and the last one very well. I posted a picture of the pile of Viragoes and one Persephone I have on my TBR at the moment, and two of the Viragoes are on my 20Books list, so we’ll see how many I get through. Some Virago / Some of August for me!


  3. I also learned about All Virago August from Heavenali’s blog, though hadn’t picked up on the Persephone angle. I have Frost in May in my to read pile so that’s on my list, and Love by Elizabeth von Armin. Of the list you’ve mentioned above I also have Mariana and Someone at a Distance in my pile. Angel is very good. I might also re-read some Angela Carter, one of my life-long favourites.


    1. I also love Angela Carter! If you fancy reading along one of the books we have in common, just let me know. Someone at a Distance is high on my list, and I am currently reading Frost in May. 🙂


  4. I’ve read all my Viragos, long ago when they were first published. But I’m reading all the reviews so that if I stumble on secondhand copies, I know what to look out for:)


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