The air was a quicksand swallowing up their voices

Dear Dorothy, I first heard about In Night’s City in a interview Eimear McBride gave to The BelieverMag in 2013, where she highly praised your book.  At the time, I had read (and loved) A girl is a half-formed thing, so I immediately bought the books Eimear had recommended. In fact, her writing style is quite similar to the…

Dorothy Nelson

Dorothy Nelson is an Irish writer. She also works as guitar maker. Interviews Dalkey Archive Awards Bursary from Irish Arts Council for In Night’s City. Rooney Prize for Literature for In Night’s City. Books In Night’s City, Wolfhound Press, 1982; Dalkey Archive Press, 2004. Tar and Feathers, Wolfhound Press, 1987; Dalkey Archive Press, 2004.