To things unsaid

I slowly release the embrace, fold my hands, lower my eyes and shut myself up, turning my back, smiling strong, stepping hard, and holding a flowerpot – this is not for the weak. Well, yes, humans are the ones who hurt, those who tread heavily and do not ask, those who do not respond, who judge and condemn without looking at the heart. Without looking. They are also the ones who get lost and perish for little, but with a cheerful heart – they do not reply, do not ask, do not want to see; they are the ones who let themselves be touched hard and broken, and then the ones who look away, who collect the remains and kill; humans are especially those who kill, but with so much love, kept in the palm of their hands, captive. Loss can be pain, or relief. But for now I do not want to decide.  For now, I am stepping hard, and smiling strong.  And I am holding a flowerpot.

John William Waterhouse. “Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May (detail)”

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